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Sentinel Elementary District No. 71
Liberty High School Home

Our Community

Sentinel and Dateland, Arizona

Our caring and cooperative community makes Sentinel a truly special place. Local parents and community members take an active role in the upbringing and education of our students. Our school parent/teacher associations rank as some of the most active in the state. The Sentinel district operates our schools to be community resources, where people come together, share ideas, and work for the benefit of our students.

Dateland is located just north of the Mexico border on Interstate 8, between Yuma, Arizona, and Phoenix. Our community originally served as a water stop along the railroad lines during the 1920’s. At that time, the old steam engines had to stop every five to six miles for water. During the 1940's, Dateland was the site for two of General Patton's desert training camps, Camp Horn and Camp Hyder. Because of the unique environment, the military still uses the Dateland area for periodic training. Many of the American troops serving in the Middle East trained here in Dateland. At one time, there was a hot springs located in Agua Caliente, just a few miles from Dateland—an exclusive resort visited by many of the famous movie stars of the era.

Generations of people have visited us in Dateland during their travels across southern Arizona. Today, we’re known for our friendly, small-town way of life and our strong agriculture-based economy. Local farming includes dates, citrus, cotton, shrimp, dairy, and alfalfa. Our classic “old west” town includes the original restaurant, gas station, and gift shop that have welcomed so many visitors over the years. We welcome travelers, and we celebrate the good folks that have decided to make Dateland their home. Our community is a great place to work, play, and raise a family.